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Real Estate Investors have a tremendous opportunity in today’s housing market to make large profits by purchasing, renovating, selling, and renting investment properties. Having access to money to fund these deals makes all the difference. Strategic Realty Capital is your partner when it comes to funding your deals. Whether it’s a fix and flip, buy and hold, fix and hold, or a refi, we can get you funded now and for many deals to come.

Fix and Flip

a. Funding Range: $75,000 – $2,500,000
b. Term: 13 Months
c. Interest: 9.99% – 12%
d. Credit Score: 600 Minimum
e. Loan to Value: Up to 70%

Buy and Hold

a. Funding Range: $45,000 – $2,500,000
b. Term: 30 Years
c. Interest: As low as 6.5%
d. Credit Score: 630 Minimum
e. Loan to Value: Up to 80%


a. Funding Range: $75,000 – $5,000,000
b. Interest: As low as 6.75%
c. Loan to Value: Up to 75%
d. Closing: In as little as 10 Days


a. Term: 13 months
b. Loan to Value: 70%
c. Down Payment – None if property it owned outright

Other Options: a.If what you’re looking for isn’t listed or you fear you may not meet the minimum requirements, Contact US. We’re sure we can find a solution.

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